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A Rebuilt Thang

This one is a rebuild from an old PA chassis.

Octal guitar amp

Rebuilt valve PA amp

Rebuilt valve amp - guts

Overdrive Deluxe

Twenty watt Overdrive Deluxe

Overdrive Deluxe 6V6 20 watt amp

6V6 Overdrive Deluxe tube amp

Overdrive Deluxe valve amp guts

Twenty watt harp amp

A twenty watt harp amp.

twenty watt harp amp chassis

valve harp amp

Valve harp amp
Close observers will see three signal tubes in this shot - I needed some more drive for the power amp, so added an extra gain stage.

Push Pull Direct Heated Triode

This is my latest amp for my hi-fi rig. A1939 design using direct heated triodes designed in the 1930s. How does it sound? The best amp I have ever heard, it's that simple.

6B4G direct heated triode

triode stereo amp

Layout is not the tidiest, but it doesnt affect the sound. Polypropylene coupling capacitors, nothing special. I wonder how vintage oil caps would sound.  Hmmm, must try that.

AWA A503 Schematic

push pull square wave
each channel 2 x 6B4G (6.3 volt version of 2A3), 6J7 volt amp, 6V6 concertina phase splitter,
shared power supply with 5T4 47uf+47uf choke pi filter followed by 80uf of oil caps

New Amps

I have been slow in updating this blog with new amps.  Here are some new ones.

small tube amp

6V6 18 watts, Ampeg style amp. Baxandall bass and treble, with a middle control of my own (both cut and boost).

Deluxe trainwreck combo

6V6 18 watt Deluxe (channel 1) Trainwreck (Channel 2)
reverb and tremolo, Weber 12F150 speaker.

Princeton octal pre-amp


Guitar amp with octal tubes

This one is the classic Princeton circuit, but done with 6SL7 octal pre-amp tubes, for warm warm vintage tone.
18 watt 6V6 power amp with GZ34 valve rectifier.

My customer said:

"I tested the amp at school with one of my students, it was the first time he had every played a valve amp ( although I did not tell him until later).

I let him turn it on and let the amp do the rest. He know nothing about the amp at all.

It was beautiful to watch and hear, his playing became instantly more refined, as he could finally hear all the detail in dynamics and tone colour.

The picture told the story immediately. He stopped talking , he listened, his eyes glistened, his playing became instantly expressive, a magic moment for me as a music teacher.

thanks mate..twas a good day."



small guitar amp







6V6 18 watt amp, valve rectifier, fixed tone stack.

Simplified Deluxe

Have just finished a simplified Deluxe amp.

My customer didn't want tone controls, but did want a proper BMT tone stack, so the amp has a scoop, so hardwired the classic blackface circuit as if every control was at 12 o'clock.  The only controls are Gain, Bright, Volume.

5AR4 valve rectifier (5Y3 also provided for a browner, more compressed response), ex-soviet military 6V6GT (cathode biased), cheap and cheerful Chinese AX7s.

A bit loud, apparently...  

Deluxe guitar amp Gain and Volume

6V6GT guitar amp hard wired

Big Red Rack Amp

 I have just finished a stereo rack amp, with a pair of KT66 on one side and a pair of EL34 on the other.  Just Volume and Presence controls for each channel, that's it.

Ben cut down and spray painted an old computer case, so it's Ben's Big Red Rack Amp.

stereo rack amp for guitar

stereo amp KT66 and EL34

19"rack valve amp amplifier

Here is another set of pics, posted by the owner of this amp, showing work in progress images.

Magnum 50 Amp

This is one of a kind.

Made with permission from Sebago Amps, this is a unique variant of the rare SSS amps from the world's most elusive amp builder.

Modified blackface clean circuit with bass, middle, treble rotary controls, deep, bright and jazz switches, Hi and Lo Filter rotary switches, 9" short tank transformer driven reverb with Mix, FX loop and Master.

Because I had the space on the chassis, the reverb driver is a 6SN7, and the phase splitter is a 6SL7.  Octal warmth and goodness.  Remaining signal valves are 12AX7.

50 watt 6L6GT power amp.

Weber Chicago and Amsterdam speakers in a 212 cabinet.

This amp is unbelievable, sparkling clean, and so revealing.  Brilliant.

SSS 50 watt amp and 212 cabinet

50 watt SSS guitar amp

50 watt SSS guitar amp

SSS amp interior


80 watt harp amp
80 watt tube harp amp

Baxandall bass treble, boost/cut middle, presence
Hi gain, Lo gain, Master Volume

Optimised for crystal harp microphones

Quad 6L6GT harp amp

Quad 6L6GT power tubes, solid state rectifier

80 watt valve amp

Weber chassis and transformer set

"Amp looks magnificent front & rear, and internal workmanship superb!!!.....

... connected my mixer to the amp, with, guitar, mic, ipod, & turntable...set levels and enjoyed this for about 6 hrs, or more!!!!.... 


Very pleased I found your business, and placed the order.   I am sounding your praises near & far!!!....money very well spent, & enjoying every minute of my musical time!!!.....

 Very Best Wishes, & Thanks from me here....


VT40i Ampeg inspired amp

Have just delivered another VT40i amp, inspired by the uber clean Ampeg amps of the early 1970s.

This one is a de-rated 6L6GT variant, still good for 35 watts.  Cathode biased, solid state power supply.  I would have done it with a valve rectifier, but as you can see, the amp already has a lot of bottles.  Too many really, because it's quite a complex circuit (basically, an Ampeg VT4 pre-amp).  My next version of this amp will try to simplify things a bit.

Two inputs - normal and bright channel, each with bright and deep switch.
Shared tone stack, baxandall bass and treble, three way middle control with an inductor based cut/boost control.

Valve/transformer driven short tank reverb.

6L6 valve guitar power amp

  Ampeg inspired valve amp internal layout                                                                                                            

Speakers are Weber Alnico 1230-55 and a Ceramic 12V for a bit of classic brit rock tone

valve guitar amp head with 212 cabinet

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