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Custom made guitar amplifiers


Here are some valve guitar amps custom made for clients around Australia.

"Grace" Vibroverb style ampVibroverb Reissue, by Neale Amplifiers

based on the Reissue amp, as used by Jeff Buckley for the Grace album
single channel, reverb, 6L6 45 watt power amp, valve rectifier
(solid state module also supplied)
Eminence Allesandro GA-SC64 12"speaker

Four Way Switch

Custom designed four-way switch tone control,
Reverb, two x 10" Weber speakers (Silver Bell, ceramic and alnico)
6V6 twenty watt power ampFour Way Switch Rear

45 watt 6L6 power amp, cathode biased

Overdrive Deluxe

Dumble style overdrive, Quad 6V6 40 watt, cathode biasOverdrive Deluxe 40 watt Head

5E3 Style Combo

Single tone control, reverb, 6V6 20 watt power amp5E3 style combo
Weber alnico 12" speaker

Vintage Deluxe

Vintage DeluxeStandel Clean, Tube Reverb, Four-Way Switch tone control
45 watt E6L6 valve rectified, cathode bias power stage
15" reconed JBL speaker

Vintage Deluxe
BF Clean, Tube Reverb
45 watt EL34 valve rectified, cathode bias power stage
12" Weber Alnico speaker

Overdrive DeluxeOD_Deluxe_Cab2

BF Clean, Overdrive, Tube Reverb
45 watt 6L6GT valve rectified, cathode bias power stage
2 x 10" Weber Alnico and Ferromax speakers


Masco voiced 10" Harp ComboHarp 6V6 Combo

Hi Impedance Hi Gain input and Normal Gain input especially for harp microphones.
Baxandall Bass and Treble
6V6 18 watt valve rectified, cathode bias power stage
10" Weber Alnico speaker


Rebuilt 6L6 amp on an old chassis
Rebuilt 6L6 amp on old chassisA rebuild of an old amp chassis using the original transformer and chassis set.
Valve rectified 6L6GT 35 watt power amp
Gain Bass Treble Volume
Octal pre-amp valves
Cabinet with Vintage 15" speaker



Overdrive Deluxe gut and rebuild
A rework on a dead Marshall amp chassis.Overdrive Deluxe rebuilt chassis
Overdrive Deluxe EL34 50 watt


JTM20 Head 18 watts
JTM20 Marshall HeadMarshall JTM45 voiced channel 1
Tweed voice channel 2
Valve or Solid State rectified 6V6 cathode bias power stage
2 x 10" Weber Speaker Cab


Overdrive Deluxe Head 18 watts
Overdrive Deluxe Head 6V6Valve rectified 6V6 cathode bias power stage
Umble style Clean with Deep, Jazz and Bright
Bass Middle Treble, Gain and Volume
switchable 'Wreck style Overdrive
with Drive and Level, Bass Middle Treble
Reverb with Dwell and Mix


Little Ampeg style head 18 watts

6V6 cathode bias power stage
valve rectifiersmall ampeg style amp head
baxandall bass and treble,
Neale amps middle control

Audio clips (courtesy Stefan Hauk)


Wreck Deluxe 18 watts
6V6 power stage, bass treble
tone stacks, first channel deluxe clean, second channel with Trainwreck style third gain stage.  Reverb and tremolo. Weber 12F150 speaker.

Trainwreck Deluxe


Octal Princeton 18 watt

6V6 power stage with 6SL7 pre-amp tubes,
taking the classic Fender design back to

Princeton with octal pre-amp tubesthe best vintage tubes. Tremolo and short tank reverb. Weber 10F150 speaker.


Magnum 50 Head

SSS style head and 212 cabinet6L6GT 50 watt amp with SSS pre-amp, Hi gain and 
Normal gain input, blackface tone stack with deep, bright and jazz switches; Hi and Lo filter switches, 9" short tank reverb, Mix control.

212 cabinet with Weber Chicago and Weber Amsterdam speakers.

Made with permission from Sebago Amps


HarpTone 80 watt head  

Quad 6L6GT cathode-biased pentode power amp valve harp amp 80 watts
with solid state rectifier.

Voiced for harp. Hi and Lo Gain inputs,
Bass Middle Treble Presence
Master Volume

80 watts de-rated power stage (100 watt transformer set)


VT40i 35 watt head and 212 speaker cabinet

6L6GT cathode-biased pentode power amp Ampeg derived valve guitar amp very clean
with solid state rectifier.

35 watts de-rated power stage, 
over-rated transformer set.

Normal and bright channels, 
baxandall bass and treble, middle filter 
with boost and scoop, three notches. Valve/transformer driven short tank reverb.

212 speaker cabinet with Weber 
alnico 1230-55 and ceramic 12V speakers.



Vintage Deluxe EL34 triode jazz amp 30R110

EL34 cathode-biased triode power amp with solid state rectifier. 
30 watts mostly Class A.
   EL34 triode jazz amp
Optimised for jazz and hollow body guitars, the tone stack has Bass Middle Treble and Hi-Treble (rotary control instead of the traditional Bright switch), reverb Dwell and Mix, and Volume.  Dark jazz switch.  Compress control (an idea borrowed from Gibson amps, needs to be refined).
Weber Neomag
10" speaker with aluminium dome.

Vintage Deluxe 6V6 jazz amp 18RR210
6V6 18 watt cathode-biased power amp with GZ34 rectifier.jazz tone amp 6V6 valve guitar amp
Optimised for jazz and hollow body guitars, the tone stack has Gain, Bass Middle Treble and a rotary Hi-Treble (instead of the traditional Bright switch), reverb Dwell and Mix, and Volume. 
10A150P and 10F125P 10" speakers in a front ported cabinet.


Custom103i 45RR 115
5881 35/45 watt cathode biased Custom_103ipower amp with GZ34 rectifier.
British Deluxe tone stack with Clinch Ep Pre overdrive input, Reverb and FX loop.  Octal pre-amp valves.
Pre-Gain, Normal, Brilliant, Bass, Middle Treble, Reverb, FX Level, Presence, Master Volume.
Weber Thames 15" ceramic speaker


Vintage Deluxe EL34 Triode jazz amp 20RR12

EL34 20 watt cathode biased power amp with GZ34 rectifier.
EL34 triode jazz guitar ampOptimised for jazz guitar, the tone stack has Gain, Bass Middle Treble and a rotary Hi-Treble (instead of the traditional Bright switch), reverb Dwell and Mix, and Master Volume. 
12F125S 12”speaker


Custom103i 35RR 212
 KT66 35 watt cathode biased power amp with

GZ34 rectifier.  Octal pre-amp valves.Hi-watt 103 style guitar amp
British Deluxe tone stack with "Petersburg" overdrive input, reverb and FX loop.
Pre-Gain, Normal, Brilliant, Bass, Middle Treble, Mix, Level, Presence, Master Volume.
Weber Blue Dog and Silver Bell speakers

Custom 35 Head 35R

EL34 35 watt cathode biased power amp with GZ34 rectifier.35 watt guitar amp EL34 inspired by Hi-watt
British Deluxe tone stack with "Petersburg" overdrive input.
Pre-Gain, Normal, Brilliant, Bass, Middle Treble, Presence, Master Volume

"I just thought I should mention that the 'Custom 35' amp has far exceeded my expectations. I knew I was expecting to get an amp that was better than anything I had ever played. I hadn't quite expected it to be this damn good. I did a small jam with the other guitarist in my band the other day, and he was well impressed. I don't ever need to worry about having to compete with the drummer and bass guitarist ever again...."

VT40i Version 2 60 watt headVT40i ampeg inspired 7027A 60 watt amp
7027A power amp, solid state rectifier
Normal and lead channels.
Bass middle treble tone controls
with three-position scoop/boost switch.
Tube reverb.

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Hear the amp - Mike Brown, Tracer

JazzToneAmps 25RR15 (prototype)

Valve jazz amp 15

25 - 35 watt 6L6GT amp with GZ34 rectifier
(power rating depends on power supply configuration).

Single channel with reverb.

Gain, Contour, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb Dwell and Mix, Master Volume.
Weber NeoMag 15" speaker
(same characteristics as the classic JBL D130)
"In the studio the amp came into its own...we all just sat and stared at it in awe for a few minutes...we had one of those was pure and round and inspirational to play with...."

18R Overdrive Deluxe

6V6 guitar amp overdrive deluxe18 watt 6V6 amplifier with GZ34 rectifier.
Deluxe clean channel with Dumblle style overdrive with footswitch

It can do an incredible amount of tone and I'm totally in love with it, worth the wait.

35RR310 ReverbMaster

35 watt 6L6 amplifier with GZ34 rectifier.VT40i_30watt_stack
Full valve Reverb with Dwell, Tone and Mix.
Single channel pre-amp with
Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, fat switch,
Post Inverter Master Volume (switchable).
2 x Weber 10A150 and 1 x 10A125 alnico speakers.


18RR107 Acoustic Combo

acoustic guitar combo amp18 watt 6V6 cathode biased amplifier with GZ34 rectifier.
Pre-amp inspired by Bob Crook's Standel 25L15 amplifier with Normal/Lead inputs, separate Gain controls, Contour, Baxandall Bass and Treble, jazz/rock switching,  switchable Master Volume. Inputs optimised for active/passive acoustic guitar pick-ups.
Speaker-side and pre-amp line-outs.
Tube transformer driven 3 spring short-tank reverb with Dwell and Mix controls.
Weber NeoMag 10" speaker and Rola hi-frequency speaker in a front-vented cabinet.

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I bathed in the afterglow of the transparent honey nectar tone…”

 “I am extremely happy with everything about this Amplifier.  It is everything I could ever dream of for my acoustic guitars, and I know perfectly well it will be fine for my solid body Les Paul, for that burgundy velvet tone we were going for.”

"What I love about the Acoustic Combo is that it is tonally neutral ....straight out of the just amplifies the guitar , as it is , is just enhances the sound dispersion , so much so , that you can think you can step inside of is psychoacoustic phenomina at it's finest..."


VT40i 60R Head
Ampeg VT40 clone 7027A power tubes
60 watt head inspired by the 
Ampeg V series amps.
Two channel input (Normal and Lead).
Baxandall Bass and Treble. 
Variable centre (three switch) Middle control.  
Belton short tank three-spring reverb with Dwell and Mix controls.
7027A power tubes.

Stereo Vibrato 20+20RV12+12
Combo cabinet and satellite speaker cabinet, each with an 
Australian Magnavox 12" alnico speaker.

Stereo vibrato guitar amp


Stereo guitar amp cabinets


MA 35i Harp Amp  35R1288
35 watt cathode biased harmonica amp inspired by Masco public address amps. 6L6GT power tubes with a choice of valve rectifiers (GZ34 for a tight and punchy tone or 5Y3 for a smoother, warmer tone).  6N8/EBC41 pentode gain stages with high gain and medium gain channels, with very high impedance inputs optimised for all harp mics including crystal elements.
Bass and Treble tone controls, Channel Gain and Master Volume.  Octal 6SN7 floating paraphase phase splitter for zero microphone feedback.
Weber speakers - 1 x 12" 12A125S, 1 x 8" 8A125O and 1 x 8" 8A100T (as used by leading US harp amp makers).


Overdrive Five 5RR12
Five watt push-pull amp using a 12BH7 twin triode for the power stage.
5Y3 valve rectifier.  The pre-amp has an American Deluxe clean followed by a British Deluxe overdrive, with a valve driven Reverb.  Designed for home studio recording, 
the amp has a Jazz/Rock switch, Bright and Deep switches, and switchable Overdrive.
The 12" speaker is a well worn in Sanyo unit found in a set of roadside hi-fi speakers.
The combo box was picked up from a cash convertors sale for $10 and re-covered.   
The chassis is from an old transistor guitar amp, so I've also got another speaker to 
recycle later on.  five watt 12BH7 valve amp12BH7 valve guitar amp


Steampunk Guitar Amp 25R
The "Ampenstein" amp head is an all pentode amp, made up of two pentode gain stages (EF86 and 6J7)  with a Baxandall tone stack (bass and treble) and a triode strapped 6J7 
phase splitter driving a pair of 6L6GT power valves for 25 watts.  GZ34 valve rectifier power supply.  
The amp is finished with the steampunk aesthetic, with a brass plate etched using electrolysis and mild acid.  The pattern behind each control knob is taken from the 2010 season of crop circles in the UK.  If Doctor Frankenstein played guitar, he would have used this amp.  
steam punk guitar amp

6L6GT 25 watt guitar amp

steam punk guitar amp brass etching

"Ampenstein can achieve controlled distortion from ANY and ALL of the valves from preamp to phase inverter to power section!   I only had a half hour to mess with it last night, but there are at least 3 or 4 tonal flavours available seperately - one from from each valve, and these can be combined for even more flavour."


Vibroverb Custom 15 (15RR115)Vibroverb 6V6 custom built australian guitar amp
Single channel amp with 15 watt 6V6
cathode biased power amp with GZ34 rectifier.
Power stage tremolo injection.
American Deluxe with reverb and Texas overdrive.
Combo cabinet with Weber 15A150 15" alnico speaker.  
This amp was inspired by the 6G16 Vibroverb circuit, with some mods to suit the customer's requirements.


Studio Twin 15R1126V6 power amp australian guitar amp
Two channel amp with 15 watt 6V6 power amp,
GZ34 or 5Y3 rectifier, power stage tremolo injection.
British Invasion and American Deluxe with 'wreck style overdrive.
112 cabinet with Weber 125150B Vintage Ferromax speaker.


Deluxe Overdrive 35RR212EL34 combo guitar amp with extension speaker cabinet
Two channel amp with overdrive and reverb
American Deluxe and British Deluxe channels
35 watt EL34 power amp, GZ34 valve rectifier
Combo cabinet with Weber 12A150T 12" speaker
Extension cabinet with Celestion G12H 12" speaker
 EL34 combo guitar amp australian


Blues Fifteen  15R110fifteen watt combo guitar amplifier celestion speaker australian
American Deluxe single channel  
15 watt EL84 amplifier with solid state power supply
Celestion Tube Ten 10" speaker
This amp started its life as a 7 watt 6BM8 amp, but the 
customer needed more power, so it has now been converted to EL84s for a 15 watt output.


British Classic JM45RKT66 australian guitar amp

Bright/Normal British Classic
Duet KT66 45 - 50 watt cathode bias power stage 
GZ34 valve rectifier or solid state (switched)

This amp was rebuilt using an old chassis and vintage Australian Ferguson transformers

British Invasion AC15R112EL84 guitar amp two channel combo

Dual channel combo amp
Channel One: British Invasion top boost
Channel Two: Top boost tone stack with EF86 pentode single gain stage
Duet EL84 15 - 18 watt power stage, 5Y3 or GZ34 valve rectifier
Celestion 12" speaker

British Deluxe Single Ten EL34 10 watt art deco amp10R110

Single channel combo amp
British Deluxe with small tank reverb
Single EL34 10 watt power stage, solid state rectifier
1 x 10" Celestion speaker


British Deluxe 18R6V6 18 watt guitar amp

Single channel small head
British Deluxe with small tank reverb.
Duet 6V6GT 18 watt power stage, solid state rectifier
lacquered timber cabinet 


American Deluxe 8R208EL34 8 watt combo

Single channel combo amp
American Deluxe with small tank reverb
Single EL34 8 watt power stage, solid state rectifier
2 x 8" Celestion Super Eight speakers

Custom Blues6V6 15 watt guitar amp 210 combo  15RR210

Dual Overdrive amp       
American Deluxe and British Deluxe, plus overdrive
tremolo and reverb
Duet 6V6GT 15 watt power stage
GZ34 valve rectifier
2 x 10" Celestion speakers


British Invasion AC45-112EL34 45 watt guitar amp  112 combo

Single channel combo amp
British Invasion
Duet EL34 45 watt power stage
solid state rectifier 
1 x 12" Etone speaker


Kestral Amp 45RR210210 guitar amp

Two channel (American Deluxe and British Classic with four-way tone switch) with overdrive, valve reverb (Accutronics tank)
Quad power amp 
with a pair of EL34 and a pair of 5881
valve/solid state rectifier switch, 45 watts
Power stage tone selection using different combinations of triode and pentode mode
2 x 10" Celestion speakers  
Meranti cabinet with blue vinyl covering 
Custom gold plated edge corners and leather handle brackets 


Harmonica Amp 35RR508Harp Amp 35 watt 

Single channel harp amp.
This amplifier includes features especially tailored for the harp player, including a single channel especially voiced for harmonica, multiple impedance inputs to cater for every type of microphone, reverb, 35 watt power output stage using 6L6GC power tubes with a "thickness" phase splitter,  GZ34 valve rectifier, 5 x 8” Celestion speakers in a head/stack configuration.


Blue Angel Harmonica Ampcustom design harp amp 30 watt 30R608
Two channel harp amp.
This amplifier includes features especially tailored for the harp player, including two channels optimised for harmonica, multiple impedance inputs to cater for every type of microphone, 
30 watt power output stage using 6V6GT power tubes with "thickness" phase splitter, valve rectifier, 
6 x 8” Celestion speakers.


Custom Blues 15R115

6V6 15 watt guitar amp combo 15 inch

Two channel amp
American Classic and American Deluxe
Duet 6V6GT 15 watt, valve rectifier, 1 x 15" speaker


Mixmasters Custom StudioClass A 20 watt 210 combo 20RR210

Dual Overdrive amp        
American Deluxe and British Deluxe, plus overdrive, tremolo and reverb
Duet 7027A Class A 20 watt power stage, valve rectifier
2 x 10" Celestion speakers.


Metamorphosis Head Amp Rebuild45 watt head

Two Channel amp         
British Classic
Duet EL34 45 watt power stage, valve/solid state rectifier

Hammond Amp RebuildHammond B3 power amp

This is a rebuild of a 1938 Hammond B3 power amp with a single channel pre-amp.

Quad 2A3 direct heated triodes, 30 watts.  This is as good as it gets!
 Hammond B3 pre-amp