Price Guidelines

I do not have a standard range of guitar amplifiers.  However, my custom made amps generally fall into a number of standard categories, with the final pricing determined by power, number of channels, cosmetic finish, and options like reverb and tremolo.

Using this information, I've prepared a set of pricing guidelines that will give you a rough idea of what a custom built amplifier might cost, subject to your final requirements and selected cosmetic features.


Prices include the following items as standard features:

  • pine cabinets, 3/4" (18mm) pine for combos and separate cabinets, 
    1/2" ply for small heads, 3/4" ply or pine for wide heads.
  • locally available vinyls with a choice of colours and finishes. 
    I import the standard brand name tolex for an additional cost. 
  • cabinets are individually made, so I can make pretty much any style you like (our price guidelines assume a standard cabinet design, but I can accommodate special requirements).
  • grill cloth with your choice of colour. All of the grill cloths are imported.
  • a laser etched control panel with a choice of graphics and colours, where you get to approve the design and layout.
  • chassis
  • factory wound power and output transformers from a variety of sources.
  • new valves, or tested-good-emission used valves. 
  • hand wired circuitry, using either tag strips, turret boards, 
  • or through-hole PCBs.
  • specially selected components and hardware.
  • I usually use Weber speakers.


These price guidelines should help you specify an amp to meet your budget.  Please contact me by email at any time, and I will be pleased to help you work up a final design and give you a quote.

You will be pleasantly surprised.




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