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The Four Way Switch


The Four Way Switch guitar amplifier gives you four great tones with the turn of a switch:
  • Tone 1 - dark-side jazz with a big bottom end and rolled-off tops, ideal for hollow-body guitars. 
  • Tone 2 - classic blackface scoop for blues, country and rock.
  • Tone 3 - flat EQ for acoustic guitar.
  • Tone 4 - treble boost.
read more and listen here
Two amp models with different gain structures and pre-amp arrangements:
  • The Vintage Deluxe - super clean and warm, ideal for country and jazz and all clean players - you have pedals? Stick them in front of the amp.
  • The Sweet Spot - a dirtier amp, lots of growl and grit, with third gain-stage overdrive - find your sweet spot and the amp will deliver exactly what you want.
  • both platforms have the Four Way Switch.
  • reverb and tremolo available as options.
  • choice of power, choice of speakers (Weber or Celestion), combos or heads, you choose.

My good friend Bill Palmer has been kind enough to put together a show case file for both asmp types - please read and listen here (DropBox page with sound files and a description of Bill's recording set-up). 
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