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Guitar Amp restoration

Hi-Fi Amps

Occasionally I get to build amps for myself.  This is a 2A3 Direct Heated Triode single ended hi-fi stereo amp, using a pair of Mullard Flat Plate 2A3 valves and Siemens C3G pentodes.
These valves are incredibly rare and worth big dollars on the world market - collectors and hi-fi nuts will die when I say that I bought the 2A3s for $1 each.  
You just gotta keep your eyes open and know your stuff.
Mullard Flat Plate 2A3










2A3 Single Ended Amp










Trimax amp conversion
13 watt 6V6 cathode bias power amplifer with 6N8 pentode gain stage, single tone control and 12AT7 floating paraphase splitter.  This one is a junk-shop restoration using as many of the original parts as possible.  Second hand replacement output transformer, original power transformer and choke.

The owner will be blowing harp through this one.

Restored valve amp 6V6 power valves






valve amp wiring point to point







Moody BA17 Guitar Bass Amplifier

17 watt 6BQ5 cathode bias power amplifer, 12AX7 pre-amp, 6BL8 phase splitter, 6CA4 rectifier. 

Volume, Bass, Treble controls

Replacement Celestion Vox G12M 12" speaker.

GA Moody, Sydney, Serial No. 2977.  Built 1964

Moody BA17 guitar bass amp Australian vintage








Vintage australian guitar amp Moody BA17









Goldentone 1776 Ten Watt
Tremolo Combo

10 watt EL34 single-ended power amplifer, 12AX7 pre-amp, 6AU6 tremolo oscillator.  Replacement Magnavox alnico speaker.

Rose Morris Serial No. 2783.  Built 1961 - 1962.

Goldentone 1776 tremolo amplifier







Goldentone with Magnavox speaker






Goldentone single ended EL34 guitar amp

Goldentone 1776 Australian guitar amp



Goldentone pre-amp





Goldentone tag strip guitar amp







Goldentone ReverbMaster 60

60 watt 6DQ6B power amplifier, two channel reverb (echo) and tremolo

Rose Morris Serial No. 4451 A&R output transformer type 2701

Goldentone ReverbMaster 60 watt amp







6DQ6A 60 watt australian valve amp







Goldentone 6DQ6A guitar amplifier





Goldenton valve amp tag strip wiring








Marshall amp conversion - it's now a VibroKing

Rebuilt Marshall Amp Guts






Rebuilt marshall amp







Fender Bassman

A new speaker cabinet and head shell for a 1964 Fender Bassman amplifier.

Fender Bassman Head



Goldentone 6 

Goldentone 6 guitar amp 

A classic Australian amp from the 1960s.  A stereo amp with reverb and tremolo.


Goldentone 8/50

KT88 power amp 

A monster power amp from the 1960's, complete with two original GEC KT88 power tubes.  60 watts RMS.


Fender Showman

The owner of this Fender Showman amp (100 watt) wanted a 2 x 10" cabinet made up for violin, bass, synthesiser, and keyboards.  The speaker cabinet is a vented design, tuned for a 7 string baritone response.  The speaker cabinet dimensions are the same as the small Fender cabs.

Fender Showman 210 cabinet