I build guitar amps, hand made in South Australia.  My amp range presents tone features influenced by some of the world's great valve amps, with a few twists of my own.   

Hand-built guitar amps with boutique quality but without the boutique price - but you do have to be very very patient, because I take a while to build amps due to the size of my order book.

JazzToneAmps - tailored for jazz guitar

20 watt            112 combo, EL34 triode
25 - 35 watt     115 combo, 6L6GT or KT66 tetrode

Vintage Deluxe 

Single channel with valve driven reverb.

Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Hi Treble,  rock/jazz switch, 
reverb with Dwell and Mix, Compress, Master Volume.

35 watt 6L6GT power amp with GZ34 rectifier,
Weber NeoMag 15" 75 watt speaker
(same characteristics as the classic JBL D130 alnico speaker).




Rock Solid Amps - guitar amps

Overdrive Deluxe Series                     Electric Blue Series

Two channel (normal/overdrive)              Single channel (normal/lead)
with reverb                                         with reverb

Offered with a range of power options and speaker cabinets (heads and combos)











HarpToneAmps - voiced for harmonica players (Masco PA voice)

Your contact details will be used to provide you with information on these amps, and for no other purpose.




Neale Valve Amplifiers.  pure vacuum, pure tone.
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